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Our Memberships

For membership packages, you must sign an agreement for at least 6 months but no more than 12 months. These packages are under an auto draft payment.
Receive a 90 Minute facial with a free eyebrow waxing along with one free add on service. One per month. No Roll Overs.
Receive 5 waxwings of your area of choice. All waxing must be done within the month. No rollovers. Please refer to the “waxing service” to review which areas I am able to wax.
Lash Fill-In
Receive 4 lash fill-ins within a month. Weekly fill-ins. You must have at least 60% retention (each eye) of your lashes each week to qualify for this package. You can not attend your appointment with less than 60% retention (each eye) or no lashes. If you do attend your appointment with less than 60% retention or no lashes, then you will be charged accordingly with the possibility of having to reschedule your appointment depending on time allotted.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Yes I do.I typically provide aftercare instructions with Lash Extension (Full Set), Body Waxing (Sensitivi

YES! YES! YES! I can not say that enough. The touch up appointment is like the final touch of your beautiful brows! You might not recognize that you need a touch up in certain areas, but believe me when I say that the touch up appointment is extremely importance.

I love your question! Microblading tends to be a bit more expensive due to the amount of time and the precision it takes when performing this service. Microblading Artist must have a steady hand as well as an eye for detail. Microblading requires a lot of time between the consultations, drawing out the perfect shape for each client, choosing the best eyebrow color, going over paperwork, discussing the importance of the Before and After Care Procedure. However, the great thing about the price is how it is broken down. On average, a client pays a TOTAL of $400. That $400 covers the Consultation, Initial Microblading and the 6 week Touch Up Appointment.

No, I do not perform Bikini or Brazilian waxing while clients have their “visitor”. I do that for not only myself but for the client as well. When you have your monthly “visitor” you are more sensitive down there and your pain tolerance will be on 100%. When having waxing in an already delicate area, why make it more painful than it should be? I don’t want my clients to be anymore pain than needed.

Great question! Unfortunately, this is a tough one ONLY because each person has a different pain tolerance. But believe me, I will make you as comfortable as possible. Once I have finished you will be so glad that you had one! I will have you scheduling your next appointment before you leave.

If you are a new client with me, I always recommend to get my signature (customizable) facial. This allows me to see and evaluate your skin, your problem areas and most importantly to discuss your desired results. After you first appointment, we will discuss a treatment plan and get you on a great home care regimen.

It is recommended that you should receive a facial at least every 4-6 weeks. In order to achieve and see he best results is to follow a great home care regimen.  You can’t go to the gym and expect to leave with immediate results. Yes, you feel great after a good workout but we all know it takes time to see results. Same thing goes with facials and having a great home care routine.

Yes! I love teaching clients how to properly apply makeup. A lot of my clients tell me how they saw a video or see certain celebrities doing something that they want. What I always tell these clients is that just because they have it done, doesn’t mean that you have the exact eye shape or face shape to achieve that look. So it is my job to look at your skin and facial structure to determine the correct way to apply certain things. The number one class that I teach clients is the art of contouring. If you are interested in having me show you how to do something, please just schedule a “makeup application” appointment.

Absolutely! Majority of my Saturdays tend to be booked for weddings. So if you are interested in hiring me, do it quickly! Yes, I only offer airbrush foundation for makeup application. It is lighter and always allows your skin to look amazing in photos.

I only offer classic lash extension. Classic Lashes equal= 1X1. This is the most common style of lash extensions as well as the most healthiest option depending on the strength of your natural lashes. I currently offer mink lashes because of their lightweight and extremely natural appearance.

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The skin care line that I use and love is Skin Script. Skin Script is dedicated to making your skin beautiful. Skin Script delivers healthy, vitalized, youthful looking skin.

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I truly love learning new things as it allows me to constantly add new services but it also allows me to keep up with the latest trends.

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I know life can be stressful and you work hard in both personal and professional aspects of your life, so allow me to help relax your mind, relieve your stress away and rejuvenate your skin. I look forward to seeing you on my schedule.